Nonprofit HR Academy & Community

A space for HR professionals in the nonprofit space to learn, network, and grow together.

Have you ever felt…

…that you need more training to be a really effective HR leader?

… that your organization’s mission is so niche you’ll never be able to find the right HR support for you and your team?

…that you need to talk with people who just get it?

You’re not alone!

The Nonprofit HR Academy & Community is made for you! We exist to help enhance your professional skills, discover best practices that work for organizations just like yours, and provide you with a network of fellow practitioners to exchange ideas and information with.

As an HR professional, you know how the changing landscape of our society has impacted the workplace - whether it’s the Great Resignation or divisive political and social issues. Effective and people-centered HR leadership has never been more important and you’re on the frontline of keeping your organization healthy, dynamic, nimble, and compliant.

While there are a lot of resources out there for HR professionals, our community is the first of its kind that focuses on the nonprofit sector. We know that you and your organization face unique challenges, such as:

  • Dynamic and intersectional staff challenges.
  • Wearing multiple hats.
  • Under-investment in HR teams and resources.
  • Countless (and fruitless) hours looking for answers to your organization's unique context.

Our community is a one-stop-shop for the tools, courses, networks, and resources you need to develop and deploy the equitable and sustainable HR practices needed for your nonprofit to achieve its mission.

Are you ready to level up your HR skills and become a valued resource for your organization?

You can join the Community for free and/or try one of our paid memberships out for free for 7 days! We know our community will become an integral tool in your HR toolbox and that you’ll be ready to continue a long-term membership.

Our Core membership is only $49/month and our Premium subscription is just $99/month!

Our memberships include:

If you want to lead in a better way, learn how to create and implement more effective HR practices, and develop a network of support from a community of your peers, join today!

Created by HR Pros for HR Pros

The Nonprofit HR Academy & Community was created by Ascend People, a Black and woman-led organization dedicated to helping nonprofit leaders support the unique needs of their people so they can focus on the work of advancing the organization’s mission.

We believe that long-term success for nonprofits depends on creating and implementing sustainable HR practices that are also human-centered and value based.

We know there are nuances in the nonprofit space that just don't exist in traditional HR training or career development programs. With decades of experience as nonprofit HR practitioners and consultants, we designed our resources to address those nuances and support you in all aspects of your work - from compensation to compliance, to recruiting and retention.

 Can you afford NOT to join our community?

You might be thinking that your organization can’t afford to pay for a professional development program or that you don’t know when you’d find the time to learn and connect.

But for a minimum of only $49 a month, your membership will quickly pay for itself when you stop spending hours tracking down an answer to one question and start getting guidance on multiple topics in minutes. And you can come back again and again to refresh your knowledge and skills - no more trying to remember where you found that answer that one time!

Plus, with the exception of live events, our content is available 24/7 which means you can learn and chat when it’s convenient for you!

Stop feeling isolated and start feeling supported with the 

Nonprofit HR Academy & Community!

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